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What are the best Lodges in the world you must visit?

When you are going on adventure travel, staying in a remote destination is a fantastic thing. In this part, Lodges are an essential thing to experience. However, some lodges in the world are famous worldwide. Unique experiences, Luxuries and comfort are something you will find in these lodges. We will tell you a few of them. If you decided to go, search for flight tickets on Google Flights . We are sure you will love these destinations.
Tierra Atacama in Chile
We will begin with South America; Chile has one of the best lodges in the world. The stunning view will steal your heart. There will be wine, food, and the landscape are worth going there. If you are a comfortable traveler, then you must visit here. Chile's Atacama Desert has spacious rooms, Spa's and the natural view. However, you should not think there is no adventure. There are many adventures things can be arranged. You could go to mountain biking, horseback riding, climbing and hiking. There is an even Jeep Tour. The local scenery, the sunrise and sunset and the stars will make your holiday special. The address is San Pedro de Atacama, Antofagasta, Chile.
Pacuare Lodge in Costa Rica
Now, From South America, we will move to Central America. Costa Rica is a beautiful country. Staying in a lodge will increase your traveling experience. Driving in the jungle or river rafting will surely add to your experience. The Pacuare lodge in Costa Rica is something you want to experience. You could live in a private bungalow. The trees, the pool and the animals are going to take your breath away. Sitting in the porch, enjoying nature, having a full-service kitchen, a repository for a morning bath and a friendly environment.
So, these are the two lodges where you can enjoy your stay for a unique experience. If you want to find flights for these destinations, we have already told you Google Flights Search . The wildlife, animals and rainforest will add more experience. 

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