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As the core enterprise in the China Minmetal Group,ZCC·CT has 741 million Yuan of the registered capital and more than 1800 employees. ZCC·CT also holds two wholly-owned sales subsidiaries in the U.S. and Germany. The combination of production、development、and sales brought ZCC·CT at the leading position of the cemented carbide cutting tools as an integrated supplier. Meanwhile, ZCC·CT built up the world class production lines of indexable CNC inserts、indexable cutting tools、solid carbide drilling tool、and ceramics inserts. However, ZCC·CT is more than a manufacturer, but also a national innovative-oriental high-tech enterprise. The R&D personnel of ZCC·CT accounts for more than 25% of the total number of employees. It creates a research and development centre which is the core components of the Key State Laboratory of cemented carbide.  
● The first cemented carbide production line was established in ZCC, China in 1954.
● In 1988, the high precision indexable inserts production lines were introduced from Sweden, which was also the beginning of the Chinese high precision indexable inserts industry.
● In 1992, the advanced foreign technology and equipment helped ZCC·CT to establish the production lines of solid carbide drilling tools and end mills tools which paved the road of the development of cemented carbide cutting tools industry.
● The R&D center was officially established in 2003. The world-class material testing、design development、cutting experiments and performance testing  which provided solid technical support for ZCC·CT.
● The establishments of the subsidiary of ZCC·CT Europe and ZCC·CT USA gave the chances for the development of overseas markets, but also laid the foundation of strategic globalization in 2006.
● The merge with the China Minmetals provided a larger platform for the long-term development in 2010.
● The Foundation of the China Minmetals, ZCC·CT High Precision Tools industrial Zone in 2011.
● ZCC·CT was selected as the key enterprise in the China Minmetals Group in 2017.
● ZCC·CT made the acquisition of the German company – HPTec in 2018.
ZCC·CT builds up the technology center and cemented carbide key laboratory with the most advanced cutting tools research and development center in China. The research equipment has reached world-class levels. Moreover, ZCC·CT hires a group of influential technology specialists and leaders in the industry.
For many years, ZCC·CT has participated in 30 special research projects which include the application fields of aerospace, mold and tie, automobile, rail transportation, and energy industries. Those projects helped ZCC·CT to obtain a number of research achievements with independent intellectual property rights. And most of the researches have been successfully industrialized.
The ZCC·CT R&D center establishes several research platforms which contain material research, design, cutting experiments, application research and etc. All the research and development helped ZCC·CT to apply nearly 500 patents, authorized 357 patents and 8 PCT international patents. The number of patent ownership is far ahead of other domestic competitors.

ZCC·CT has a complete product category which can be widely used in all the types of machining. The product range covers the different grade of PVD, CVD, ceramics, and extra-hard material. The product includes indexable cemented carbide inserts and indexable cutting tools, solid carbide cutting tools and tool unit. The combination of different grade and cutting tools can be applied in high precision turning, milling, boring, drilling, parting, grooving, and threading. With the complete product range, ZCC·CT enables to consider different requirements of customers and provide sets of different solutions accordingly.
Automotive industry:
ZCC·CT has developed dozens of series high-efficiency cutting tools for automotive with intellectual property rights. ZCC·CT enables to offer both solutions and tools for automotive manufacturers. The products from ZCC·CT are widely applied in the machining of engines and other automotive components with better machining quality, more efficient, and more economical.
Aerospace Industry:
Thanks to the close partnership with several aerospace enterprises, ZCC·CT has developed multiple series of cutting tools with independent intellectual property rights. The establishment of a high-efficiency indexable tool system for machining titanium alloy, high-heat resistance alloy and aluminum alloy which enables ZCC·CT to provide feature solutions to customers.
Energy Industry:
ZCC·CT provides feature solutions for the machining components of thermal power, nuclear power, hydropower, wind power. Several famous domestic energy equipment manufacturers choose the products from ZCC·CT which will benefit the green earth and continue the sustainable development of safe energy.
Rail transportation industry:
The products from ZCC·CT are suitable for turnout machining, railway machining, and wheel hub machining. They are widely used in the manufacturing of high-speed railways, subways, and urban expressways.
Mould and Die Industry:
ZCC·CT has created a number of new products with independent intellectual rights in the mould and die industry. The products and solutions cover all types of mould machining which include stamping die, plastic die, forging die and die casting and other mould processing. ZCC·CT emphasizes to develop high-end milling tools. And the products have been applied in some well-known domestic mould enterprises.
Electronic Information Industry:
ZCC·CT aims to provide comprehensive solutions to the machining of the frames, bodies, shells, and PCBs from mobile phones, laptops, wearable devices, VR devices and communication equipment.www.zcccuttingtools.com

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